600U-T radious floor body

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Specific to the 600U

The Godwin 600U/T series body features a weight saving smooth crossmemberless understructure, a shock absorbing rubber cushioned mount, and a durable AR 450 steel floor with 12” radius corners for cleaner dumping. There are enough length, side height and material options to suit your specific needs. A zinc powder coat primer under powder coat topcoat, and half cabshield are standard features.
Above is the 600U/T’s crossmemberless understructure and formed long sills with rubber cushion.
Optional air operated high lift tailgate with other options shown.


  • Body lengths from 14’ to 20’ in 6” increments
  • Side Heights 42”, 48”, 54” and 60”
  • 3/16” AR 450 one-piece floor with 60” wide flat surface before 12” radius to sides.
  • One piece 10 gauge 50K minimum yield with fully boxed top rails, material shedding lower rails, full depth rear posts, ladders and grab handles both side and front, continuous weld.
  • Crossmemberless design with 3/16” formed trapezoid longitudinal members with rubber cushion in formed track.
  • 10 gauge 50K minimum yield steel with horizontal formed inverted “V” reinforcements.
  • Three panel 10 gauge 50K minimum yield steel with full Perimeter bracing and two intermediate horizontal braces continuous weld.
  • Heavy duty cast steel upward acting top hardware with air operated adjustable cast steel overshot lower hardware and spreader chains. Banjo eyes near bottom of gate control opening you select.
  • FMVSS 108 required lights and reflectors. L.E.D. lights are recessed and rubber grommet mounted.
  • 1/4” AR 450 floor in lieu of 3/16” 1/4” AR 450 sides 3/16” 50K minimum yield steel sides, front and gate 3/16” AR 450 sides and gate Air high lift or two-way barn door tailgate